RTEMS Trac Ticket to GitLab import

Hi RTEMS Community

GitLab transition is progressing better than we expected and we are now at a point where we want to move the tickets in Trac to GitLab. A lot of preparation has been done in planning the move and an outcome we had not planned is the time it will take is much more. The original plan was updating the database in Trac and importing into GitLab however this will not work and we need to break the tickets up into the various project parts, import and update in GitLab. The time required to do this is longer than expected.

There are a number of complicating factors migrating the tickets as the separate projects we will have based on the breakdown of the repos have their own ticket database. The user accounts we have will not be migrated so you can create your account when the time comes so when we import the tickets the current owners will not be available.

We believe it will take around 3 weeks to migrate the data if all goes as planned. The ticket database will be captured on 29th March 2024 and Trac will remain open for ticket updating however the changes will not be part of the move to GitLab. If you update a ticket or push a commit that updates a ticket you will need to migrate the changes to the GitLab ticket when it is available. Trac’s Timeline tool can be used to find and review what has changed.

RTEMS GitLab Team - Amar, Chris, Gedare, Joel, Kinsey