RTEMS Presentations at EPICS Workshop (19-23 October 2020)

EPICS Community held the EPICS Collaboration Fall Meeting 2020 virtually due to the pandemic. This meeting included presentations from core RTEMS developers.

  • Gedare Bloom presented Security Hardening for EPICS/RTEMS on the research of himself and his students related to RTEMS and EPICS. This presentation focused on their work analyzing the potential threats and security challenges facing EPICS systems. Currently they are focused on the broad topic of security testing with three sub-tasks. First, application of static analysis and fuzzing tools to search for potential bugs and vulnerabilities that may not be detected by current testing mechanisms. Second, adopting and developing several EPICS-related testbeds to evaluate security problems and solutions with respect to performance and resilience. Third, devising formal models for CA and the PV Gateway.
  • Chris Johns presented RTEMS Past, Present and Future which presented RTEMS capabilities and features known to be used by EPICS applications. The past was EPICS used with RTEMS 4.10, present is EPICS 7 and RTEMS 5, and the future is where we should take future versions of RTEMS to improve the experience for the EPICS Community. Included was information on areas that will require work moving forward such as transitioning from the legacy TCP/IP stack to libbsd and libdebugger support for the PowerPC.

We hope this is a sign of more interaction between the RTEMS and EPICS communities. We all would like for EPICS to run well on RTEMS and support all the features and hardware platforms desired by the EPICS community.