embedded.fm Podcast Featuring Joel Sherrill

Episode 335: Patching on the Surface of Mars of embedded.fm features Joel Sherrill from the the RTEMS community. The title is a nod to the interesting presentation Patching Flight Software on Mars from the 2015 edition of the Flight Software Workshop.

Joel was previously featured on Episode 93. The conversation that lead led to this appearance began after Joel heard Episode #307: Big While Loop which included a discussion trying to answer the questions of when to use an RTOS and when an application's requirements have exceeded the capabilities of a bare metal tool chain. The hosts, Elicia and Chris, were correct in everything they said about outgrowing a simple environment and needing a more robust solution but did not delve very far into what features an RTOS can bring. Among the topics covered in this podcast are Priority Inversion, Rate Monotonic Scheduling, SMP, standards conformance, and the power of open source solutions.

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