25th Birthday of Oldest Commit in Public Reposity

Today is the 25th birthday of the oldest commit in the RTEMS public source code revision repository. Even though there had been no Army sponsorship of the project beyond physical hosting for over a year, this git marks the date on which the source code repository itself became public under OAR Corporation. Before that, there were only snapshots and releases via ftp on Army hosts. That certainly didn't stop people from committing.

I had hoped to celebrate this with a cake at the OAR office but with the pandemic, we haven't been at the office in weeks. Thanks to all the people who have helped make RTEMS a successful project. Without you, it would not have happened.

For those who like statistics, that initial version 41K SLOC and 5 ports. Today there are 1M SlLOC and 17 ports. The increase in capabilities, BSPs, and tests is incredible and reflects many contributions.

Thanks to embedded brains for creating the graphic.