RTEMS Talk at VU in Amsterdam

Thanks to Ben Gras from Minix, Joel Sherrill gave a talk about RTEMS at VU University in Amsterdam!

Title: Scheduling and Thread management with RTEMS
Hosted by: Herbert Bos and Ben Gras
When: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Where: Mathematics and Science Building ("Wiskunde & Natuurkunde Gebouw"), room S6.07, of VU campus

Talk Abstract
RTEMS is a free, open source, real-time operating system that supports multiple standards and includes support for multiple space-hardened microprocessors. RTEMS is commonly used in space applications and has a long history of successful deployment in critical applications. Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) microprocessors are becoming more common in commercial embedded systems and are not available in space-hardened configurations.

This presentation (slides are in the attached PDF) focuses on the enhancements that have been made to RTEMS to support SMP microprocessors. In particular, the Thread Scheduling subsystem has seen significant refactoring and additions. RTEMS now supports multiple thread scheduling algorithms for uniprocessor and SMP configurations. RTEMS currently has SMP support for SPARC LEON3, PowerPC QorIQ, ARM, and x86.

The presentation will conclude by highlighting areas in which the flight software community can provide feedback and support in improving this support in RTEMS.