RTEMS Google Summer of Code™ 2012 Projects

The RTEMS Project was accepted for the fifth year as a participant in the Google Summer of Code™. This year we were fortunate and have ten students each of whom is attempting a project of interest to the RTEMS community. I encourage everyone to support these students in their work this summer.

Project Student Mentor Co-mentor(s)
BSP for BeagleBoard and/or BeagleBone Claas Ziemke Ray Xu Santosh Vattam
Use hash or map in POSIX keys Zhongwei Yao Joel Sherrill Pavel Pisa
Porting NXLib and Updating Libraries in RTEMS Graphics Toolkit Alexandru-Sever Horin Pavel Pisa Joel Sherrill
Bdbuf Improvements Xiang Cui Sebastian Huber Chris Johns
RTEMS on Asymmetric Multiprocessor (OMAP4) Xi Yang Joel Sherrill Muhammad Adnan
Update the RTEMS TCP/IP Stack Kevin Polulak Jennifer Averett Joel Sherrill
RTEMS MMU/MPU support for ARM Architecture Hesham Moustafa ALmatary Gedare Bloom Aanjhan Ranganathan
ARINC 653 API Support Wiktor Langowski Julien Delange Cláudio Silva, Joel Sherrill
RTEMS Testing Project Xiaochen Pan Amar Takhar Sebastian Huber, Ricardo Aguirre Reyes
Atomic Operations for RTEMS Deng Hengyi Chris Johns Joel Sherrill