Git Conversion Complete

The RTEMS project has completed its switch to the GIT version control tool. I wish to thank Amar, Chris, and Jeff for completing this major change.

The git repositories are located on the '' server. There is support for the git protocol as well as access via the git web site (

The main documentation for using git on the RTEMS project can found at Please update, edit and enhance the documentation to help improve it for all users.

All CVS access will stop in 2 weeks. If you have a CVS checkout and wish to get a patch please do this.

If you have commit rights and do not have an account on please send Chris your public ssh key privately and he will create your account.

If you see any issues related to the git, please feel free to bring them to the attention of Chris, Jeff, or Joel.

This has been and will continue to be a learning experience for us all. But we must all remember that we work in a fast moving field and that learning new tools and improving our work processes is something we must do and should embrace. Change can be good. :)

Thanks again to everyone.