RTEMS in Google Code-In 2011-12

The RTEMS Project is excited to be one of the 18 open source organizations participating in this year's Google Code-in contest for 13-17 year old students.

The RTEMS Project has put together a list of tasks which the students can undertake. These tasks are much smaller than Google Summer of Code projects and generally take on the order of less than 5 days.

I encourage any RTEMS user to mentor in this program. The tasks are very small and do not require deep RTEMS knowledge. For example, last year, a number of students took on tasks to add initial Wiki pages for BSPs which did not have one. This required adding only the basic technical information about the board with links to vendor documentation. Details on running RTEMS on the board are well beyond the capabilities of anyone without personal experience with the board. Any RTEMS user could mentor that task and review the content for formatting and thoroughness.

If you know students who would be candidates to participate, please encourage them.