Announcing Legacy Releases 4.6.9, 4.7.5, and 4.8.4

The RTEMS Project provides support for two branches, currently 4.10 and 4.9, as well as the development head (e.g. 4.11). OAR Corporation recognizes that a project may select an RTEMS version and choose not to upgrade to new release series. This minimizes the impact of tool updates and RTEMS changes. But using that old RTEMS release with no support or possibility of bug fixes is also not a good situation to be in. To address that need, OAR offers legacy support for older RTEMS release series.

Today OAR Corporation is proud to announce new releases in the 4.6, 4.7, and 4.8 release series.

  • 4.8.4 includes over 20 bug fixes not in the last 4.8 public release.
  • 4.7.5 includes over 35 bug fixes not in the last 4.7 public release.
  • 4.6.9 includes over 55 bug fixes not in the last 4.6 public release.

If you are using one of these older release series, you should seriously consider legacy support. For more information, contact Joel Sherrill.