Google Summer of Code 2011 Students Announced

The RTEMS Project is proud to announce that we received eight (8) student slots in the 2011 edition of the Google Summer of Code. Congratulations to the students who were accepted. The students and projects that were accepted are:

Title Student
Implementation of the ISO9660 filesystem Christophe Huriaux
Lua Scripting and Shell Support in RTEMS Scotty Smith
RTEMS MMU Context Support Quanming Shi
RTEMS port of the GNU Java Compiler Jie Liu
POSIX Timing Tests Ricardo Aguirre Reyes
POSIX Compliance Test Suite Cui Xiang
Porting of resource reservation framework to RTEMS executive Petr Benes
Hypervisor for RTEMS Zhang Wenjie

Tentative mentors have been assigned, but a review of mentors and co-mentors needs to be performed. This ensures that all projects have two mentors and that no mentors are overloaded.