RTEMS Presentation at ISORC 2020 (19-21 May 2020)

Joel Sherrill and Gedare Bloom have a paper at the IEEE ISORC 2020 conference which will be presented on 20 May 2020. This paper is titled "Harmonizing ARINC 653 and Realtime POSIX for Conformance to the FACE Technical Standard" and discusses OAR Corporation's effort to paravirtualize RTEMS onto Deos and achieve conformance to the FACE Technical Standard, Edition 3.0. This paper presents the design approach, challenges, and solutions along with a focus on contributions to the open source RTEMS code base.

The conference is FREE and VIRTUAL this year. Everyone is encouraged to visit the ISORC 2020 website for the schedule and registration. This is a great opportunity to do an international conference from the comfort of home. This presentation is scheduled for 20 May at 925am Central Time (Chicago).

The presentation is available via YouTube.

A link to the pre-print copy of the paper will be provided when available.

Thanks to Gedare for voicing all the slides after Joel had technical issues and could not record any voice over.