RTEMS in ESA Summer of Code in Space 2014

RTEMS is fortunate enough to be included once again in the ESA Summer of Code in Space. We want students!

This year we want to encourage the SOCIS students to focus on improvements to our new rtems-test Python-based framework. This will include:

  • adding more BSPs (simulators and real boards) to rtems-test
  • building more simulators with the RTEMS Source
    • if successful, sim-scripts should be obsolete
  • integrating coverage runs into rtems-test
  • improvements to the coverage test reporting
    • reporting should be on "module" level. Too coarse now.
    • some scripts could be migrated to Python

Although this sounds like very specific and focused work, it is actually a lot of work and covers a lot of area. Interestingly, a lot of this work is in Python so should be approachable by
more students.