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Introduction to Downloading RTEMS and Toolchains

There seems to be a couple of different methods of downloading the source and tools for RTEMS via the RTEMS site via either FTP of HTTP.

In recent times, getting access to the FTP site seems to be a bit of a black art... ;-)

I think the http access method should be the preferred method for downloading tools and releases of RTEMS.

FTP Access

It seems that the the FTP server has been locked down a bit more and needs to be logged into using an anonymous login with any password entered.

Example: ftp

It will not provide 'dir' or 'ls' command support so you can not see what you are trying to download.

The only way I have been able to get to know exactly the name of the file you want to obtain. The 'ls' and 'pwd' commands work OK to get you to the directory that you are interested in. Then you can use the 'get' command to get the actual filename, even though you can't list it.

HTTP Access

I think this should be seen as the preferred way to access RTEMS, particularly something that you don't know the exact name of, such as recently we were trying to find the SNMP contributed code and we just wanted to browse around the tree trying to find it. The HTTP access method looks just like the FTP method via the web browser and it allows you to examine directories and browse up and down the directory tree. is the root access point (I think). is the main access point for RTEMS and the way to obtain toolchains depending on the host operating system. Just follow the links down to the host operating system you are using and then select the version of tools required depending on the release of RTEMS that you are building. is the main access point for RTEMS release 4.6.2.

CVS Daily Snapshots

The regular build bot provide regular tarballs of the CVS Head code. You can find the build results at Navigate to a target and select the date link in the left of a BSP results box. This will download a dated snapshot of the CVS head of the RTEMS source.

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