GSOC12:RTEMS on Asymmetric Multiprocessor (OMAP4)

Xi Yang hiyangxi at
Mon Apr 30 07:39:03 CDT 2012

Hi all,

My name is Xi Yang. I am a PhD student at Australian National
University. Here is my homepage, In this
summer (winter in Australia), I will work on the GSOC project "RTEMS
on Asymmetric Multiprocessor (OMAP4)".

To improve the energy efficiency, modern SoCs normally mix big cores
and small cores together. For example, OMAP4 has two CortexA9 cores
and two Cortex M3 cores. Powerful A9 cores always run general purpose
kernel, such as Linux, but tiny M3 cores demand RTOS. The goal of this
project is to port RTEMS on tiny M3 cores, which consists of three
tasks: 1) RTEMS BSP for M3 cores in OMAP4. 2)Communication mechanism
between RTEMS on M3 cores and Linux on A9 cores. 3) SMP support for
the M3 BSP.

Here is the detail project proposal:


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