$(PROJECT_RELEASE)/../lib/librtemscpu.a or $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/librtemscpu.a

Hill, Jeffrey O johill at lanl.gov
Wed Apr 4 19:33:18 CDT 2012


FWIW, on the git latest RTEMS I notice that the net demos application does not build unless I make the attached change. Being an RTEMS nebie, I am guessing that perhaps this isn't the correct way to fix the net demo build?

I also have a related question; I initially jumped to a conclusion that the librtemscpu is dependent only on the CPU, but not in any way on the BSP. However, I notice that many source files in c/src/lib/cpu are including "bsp.h"? So now I am somewhat confused; are these source files including "bsp.h" because they are accessed in c/src/lib/cpu during the build of the bsp library (and presumably become part of a bsp library)?

Thanks for your help,


Change to "rtems/c/src/make/compilers/gcc-target-default.cfg"

@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ LINK_FILES =\
     $(OBJS) \
     $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/librtemsbsp$(LIBSUFFIX_VA) \
-    $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/librtemscpu$(LIBSUFFIX_VA)
+    $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/../lib/librtemscpu$(LIBSUFFIX_VA)
 LINK_LIBS += $(LD_LIBS)    

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