rtems gcc 4.6.1 can not compile stop at check TLS

Sebastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at milkymist.org
Mon Aug 29 16:45:48 CDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-08-29 at 16:27 -0500, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> + Is this a reasonable and meaningful set?
> /opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/lib/mmultiply-enabled/libc.a
> /opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/lib/mmultiply-enabled/mbarrel-shift-enabled/libc.a
> /opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/lib/libc.a
> /opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/lib/mbarrel-shift-enabled/libc.a

As far as we are concerned, we only need:

I'm not opposed to keeping the other libraries, nor even having all 16
possible combinations (this number is unlikely to grow, as most of the
LM32 opcodes are already used) - on desktop computers, CPU and storage
are dirt cheap those days. It may seem a bit weird, though, that someone
would ever use e.g. a CPU with only the divider and nothing else, so if
you want to be picky, some combinations can definitely be left out.


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