RTEMS4.10 _Heap_Block_allocate

Kate Feng feng at bnl.gov
Tue Aug 2 15:34:49 CDT 2011

Hello Sebastian,

On 08/01/2011 02:04 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello Kate,
> it may help to call _Heap_Walk() in the exception handler.
Thanks for your suggestion. I might get some chances to run more
tests and debug further in the coming September.

>   Is there maybe a problem with sbrk()?
It does not seem to be a problem with sbrk().  Besides, there
is really no major code change in sbrk() between 4.9.4 & 4.10.1/4.10.0.

I did some tests last week, and thought it might be due to memory leak,
which went undetected by the malloc_get_statistics().  The code calls 
and free() memory frequently, but it broke at one point in 4.10.1/4.10.0.
It could be due to thread handler instead because it is a multi-threads
application.  However, 4.10 ran smoothly with other multi-threads 
which do not call malloc() and free() so frequently.

The same application code ran smoothly in 4.9.4 and the
need to extend beyond 32 M (e.g. sbrk() ) was not called at such an
early stage of the application at run-time, as compared with that in
RTEMS4.10.  This supports my suspicion of memory leak.  In fact, I also
added code to force the application to extend beyond 32 M (e.g. sbrk() )
early on at run-time in 4.9.4, it still ran smoothly.

Kind Regards,

> Kind regards,
>     Sebastian

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