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I suppose that in the sample generated of RTEMS has been no add to the ELF
executable file compatibility specifications "Multiboot" required by the
bootloader Grub for boot.
So I suggest you see if you like first thing in your example has been
completed the file multiboot.he second council to give you a look at these
two debates that will be useful as starting points to the resolution:
In fact if you follow what is described by this guide you will see that even
here it is suggested to disable the default option - enable-multilib which
served only to add additional libraries.
And also, describe the case that you add flag -enable-tests=<package> may
appearan error that just happen to you with the bootloader...

Another discussion board to take a look is the guidance of GRUB on the
"implementation" of this accompanied by specific examples:
At the end I believe the problem resides in the file compiled when it was
created has been forgotten to add the flag to configure for compile with
support for multibooting specifies or was simply omitted from the sample
file the file that you multiboot.h went to create.

At this point, I suggest you wait a "RTEMS responsible" to read these
messages and can clarify on how to pass the parameter multibooting necessary
to sample files in such a way that is recognized by grub is run.

If the header "multiboot.h"  is already present in your sample package but
is not seen you might see if the "magic number" used to communicate with the
bootloader <-> kernel in the file header is set in a manner appropriate.
If you think that the problem in Grub is probably a bug on the version
you're using, if you could tell us the version we used could be useful, in
this case you can also use another bootloaders that supports the opening of
ELF files such Gujin and commercial counterpart Acronis OS Selector:

Excuse for my poor English :P

SabayonLinux Coordinator
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