Another Ethernet problem for Thomas :) Cont.

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Jan 30 10:51:24 CST 2008


> > ************ INTERFACE STATISTICS ************
> > ***** eth0 *****
> > Ethernet Address: 00:80:7F:22:61:77
> > Address:  Broadcast Address:  Net
> > mask:
> >
> > Flags: Up Broadcast Running Simplex
>                                ^^^^^^^^^^
> Back to the driver level: What would happen if your driver really works
> in simplex (half duplex) mode? If it sends a packet while receiving one,
> one of the two packets might get lost?
> I am not sure how you really set up the ethernet controller, so the
> flagged "simplex" might be misleading, but you should check it anyway.
> Thomas.
After searhes and scans: this is what all rtems drivers set in if->if_flags 
after initializing. I put this too without thinking...:(
My driver is full duplex and works this way, so I removed this assignment. Now 
the line shows : Up Broadcast Running
and no simplex. I tried to set IFF_DUPLEX
Tests showed no visible influence.

Thomas, Joel,
Please, don't you think that arp request to itself is weird?


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