Another Ethernet problem for Thomas :)

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Jan 30 04:44:34 CST 2008

Hello, all and Thomas especially! :)

The last time Thomas's help was so effective, that I hope he knows the 
decision of my (I hope the last) today's problem:

Using netdemo application I send UDP packets to the Linux box with nc -lu 
waiting. I press 'u' in console and it starts sending UDP packets.

Everything works fine, but approximately once per 7-10 restarts I see that the 
very first packet does not arrive!
I put counter into the packets and can see its '0' value is missed rarely 
after restart.
I run tcpdump to check and also saw when this occurs, that the first packet is 
missed in the tcpdump too.

What can it be and how can I debug the situation? 
[Each time I put breakpoint in the driver at buffer sending the problem never 
occurs.:( But there are other packets too...]

Thanks a lot ahead.

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