rtems_semaphore_obtain error

Jerry Needell jerry.needell at unh.edu
Fri Jan 25 14:15:35 CST 2008

Sorry for misinformation , but I now see that the condition 
:CORE_MUTEX_STATUS_CEILING_VIOLATED will result in the Internal error.  
So my real question is, does anyone have any tips for tracking this 
down? I have (obviously) had much experience with the semaphore handler.
- Jerry

Jerry Needell wrote:
> My application is entering Internal_error_Occurred  from 
> rtems_semaphore_obtain. The call to rtems_semaphore obtain is coming 
> from  internally from rtems as I am not using semaphore in my 
> application. I have not tracked it down yet. thin interesting point is 
> that in the source for rtems_semaphore_obtain, the las line is:
> return RTEMS_INTERNAL_ERROR;   /* unreached - only to remove warnings */
> but it is being reached!!
> Does anyone have any suggestions for potential culprits.
> BTW: I am using the sparc leon3 bsp in rtems 4.8
> - Jerry

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