Option -fcref

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Tue Jan 22 11:18:36 CST 2008

Hello, all.

I am trying to use the rtems-4.9 tool set and have the following problem.

My g++ call always had:

 -Xlinker @/path/to/file/LinkOptions

where LinkOptions contains parameter where I set my own specific linker 
 -Mmapfile --cref -T linkcmds

It worked fine with rtems-4.7 tool set too. Now, with rtems-4.9 I receive the 

cciplus: unrecognized command line option "-fcref"

Removing the --cref from LinkOptions, goes further and '-T' option is not 

I tried to put "@/..." after -Xlinker - no effect. Putting '' instead makes 
the ld to shout that it does not find the '@/path/to/file/LinkOptions' file, 
i.e. it searched it with ''.

Why cciplus takes the LinkOpts file?

Thanks ahead.

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