CPM command processing

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Sun Jan 13 07:17:43 CST 2008

Hello, all.

Both files 
contain the same code:

void m8xx_cp_execute_cmd( uint32_t   command )
  uint16_t   lvl;

  while (m8260.cpcr & M8260_CR_FLG) {

  m8260.cpcr = command | M8260_CR_FLG;
  rtems_interrupt_enable (lvl);

The problem with this code is (based on my experience with both CPU's) that it 
does not check the result of a command execution. Although Motorola's 
specification states that CPM should finish the command processing in about 
20 cycles, my 13 years experience shows that there are cases when the command 
is not executed and the flag bit remains "1".

Therefore, I swap the operators in my code:

  m8260.cpcr = command | M8260_CR_FLG;

  while (m8260.cpcr & M8260_CR_FLG) {

and cause system reset if it remains "1" for too long.

I have no explanation to this, because after reset the system returns to the 
same exactly sequence and now it passes. We have such problem once on each 
20-25 units based on MPC8260, but I remember this to occur on MPC860 units 

Hope this will be useful...

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