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Madhusudan C.S madhusudan at
Tue Apr 22 08:26:33 CDT 2008

Hi all,

           I am Madhusudan.C.S, from Bangalore, India.

Let me start by thanking everyone who sent in
> a proposal.  There were many more than we
> were allocated slots.  It was very hard to
> narrow it down and each mentor had at least one
> project they wanted which did not get a slot.
> I hope that each of you who didn't get a slot
> will work on your project.  We had more mentors
> than allocated slots and we will all be very
> happy to work with you.  Google has promised
> a "bag of Google swag" for those who contribute
> outside of GSoC.
> Some time over the next week or so, I hope
> to email each person who submitted a proposal
> with feedback.  The short truth is that all
> proposals were good and the ranking was hard.
> RTEMS got 4 student slots in the Google Summer
> of Code.  Without further ado...
> Proposal for Runtime Tracing from Alan
> <
> >
> by Reng Zeng, mentored by Christopher Johns
> LWIP Customization and Nipoa: Tools To Improve RTEMS Embedded Networking
> <
> >
> by Rickey Dale ( R. D. ) Flowers, mentored by Eric Norum
> <
> >
> by Miao Yan, mentored by Ray, Xu
> RTEMS Tool Support on Debian
> <
> >
> by Ryan James Harrison, mentored by Alain Schaefer
> So now we are in the Community Bonding period
> until May 26.
> So make sure you have a development environment and
> can run ticker.  For the projects needing networking,
> qemu is probably the best option.
> Congratulations!!  Ask questions and get started. :D

First of all congratulations to all the four students whose proposals are
accepted. Belated welcome to all other students who submitted their
proposals. I had submitted proposals to two organizations, RTEMS and Hurd,
but I was accepted for Hurd for GSoC. Still I would like and will do my
level best to contribute to RTEMS during this period and after GSoC period
too throughout. Since no one has submitted the proposal on the project I
submitted I want to take the responsibility of coding it. I hope others will
help me in accomplishig this. Also I hope there will be no strict time
constraints as it is for GSoC. Also if I complete this I hope Joel will be
too happy.

Thanks Joel, Thanks Daron, Ray and the entire RTEMS community for all the
support. I simply love to identify myself as a part of RTEMS community.

Happy Hacking,
Blogs at :

P.S. Joel I am waiting for the feedback on my proposal too.
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