netdemo cannot ping

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at
Thu Apr 17 02:36:02 CDT 2008

fall4ufeng wrote:
> hi all:
> it can transmit tcp and udp packet when i use netdemo routine to test
> the netcard driver,but when i ping the target board from my pc, it
> turned out Requeset timed out error.
> the following information is what i catched from Ethereal
> Source Destination Protocol Info
> 00:19:5b:7c:ea:7f 00:15:f2:a0:1f:a8 ARP [Malformed Packet]
> 00:15:f2:a0:1f:a8 Broadcast ARP who has ? Tell

This shows that there is something wrong with the transmission of
packets from your netcard. I had something similar when I was
transmitting one byte too little. To verify things in more detail, you
can try to printf the mbufs received by your netcard driver and compare
them to the data caught by Ethereal.


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