Nice Text on RTEMS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Aug 7 19:04:55 CDT 2007


Found this Googling today:

RTEMS is an open source Operating system with associated open source tools
around. The kernel contains many features that are useful for space onboard
applications. Nearly all major primes in Europe has started to use RTEMS and
indeed RTEMS is the baseline of projects like Herschel/Planck and the
operation system selected by Astrium and Alcatel for some of their future

That's from

So RTEMS has that kind of mindspace and penetration.  :)

Now if you European space fellows would only put your
published papers and applications in the RTEMS Wiki.
There sure are enough hits on Google where it isn't a
secret. :)

Anyone looking for an invited speaker at a space


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