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--- Comment #4 from Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org>  2010-06-14 22:44:41 ---
> + Ralf.. if the above is possible, is it OK to you and how would we
>  arrange sharing the routine?
Technically, this is possible, but I'd rather prefer not doing so and keep each
port in cpukit fully separate.

On a second thought, wouldn't it be possible to merge all of this works into
"sparc" and treat "sparc64" more as a "64bit sparcv9" variant similar to a
multilib but as a separate port? Autoconf-wise this is possible. 
Code-wise this would be useful if the "sparc64"-code only differs by small
amounts from the "sparc"-code.

Another remark, independently of this: Any particular reason for renaming
"cpu_asm.S" into "context.S"? I'd rather prefer to keep file names consistent
across RTEMS-ports.

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