[Bug 1532] Review Request -- First Test of Loading tarfile info IMFS

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Thu Jun 10 07:27:58 CDT 2010


--- Comment #17 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com>  2010-06-10 07:27:56 ---
> Furthermore, in the latest version of the patch contains this:
>  tar cf - --exclude-vcs home symlink && rm -f symlink
> where its predecessor had contained this:
>  tar cf - home symlink && rm -f symlink
> This is a regression of "the new version" over the "old version". 

Yes.  I agree.  The C code in the test itself was the main reason
of the update.  I have a few things I have to do at the Makefile/structure
issue before I would consider committing it (ignoring all the tar issues).

+ I have no intention of adding this (or almost any other new test) to 4.10.

+ explicitly list the files going into the tarball.  The --exclude-vcs
  was a quick hack to get a working diff so Chris could help debug the
  failure in the C part of the test.

+ Move this out of psxtests and rename it to untar01.

Chris came up with the objcopy way of doing this.  I had never managed to
make it work across targets reliably.  I had been using rtems-bin2c for this
which is in fact a reliable way to do this that does not involve objcopy,
lets the user specify the name of the blob, and produces a header file for
you.  Blob -> .c/.h -> .o via reasonably normal makefile rules.

On a move general note, we have been dependent on tar for a LONG LONG time.  I
don't recall anyone ever having an issue. "tar cf XXX files is the command
to use.  We only support symlinks, regular files and directories on

The case insensitive issue on MacOS is something we have to avoid on the host
side to prepare test cases. It only impacts RTEMS if we assume all hosts can
have "A" and "a" as files.  If we do not assume that, then it is just a
limitation for users in that environment.

There are three issues intermixed here that are making progress hard.  Perhaps
we need to split into 3 PRs:

+ testing untar (my immediate goal)
+ tar requirements (verification, etc)
+ preferred technique for binary blob -> .o conversion

The test will following the rules.  (3) is an issue for the test.  I don't want
to see it merged until we have autotools way of doing that.

But right now whether we do the others perfectly or not, the test has an issue
I was hoping Chris could spot. :)

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