[Bug 1656] GSoC AIO patch

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Mon Aug 16 11:22:22 CDT 2010


--- Comment #24 from Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org> 2010-08-16 11:22:21 CDT ---
(In reply to comment #23)
> (In reply to comment #21)
> > (In reply to comment #19)
> > > (In reply to comment #18)
> > > I just did a coverage run on erc32.  Both psxaio01 and psxaio02 failed.
> > This doesn't parse to anything I understand.
> Neither tests pass.  Even when they pass, I have it remains to be 
> seen how thorough they are.

OK, you are trying to says the "psxaio0* tests fail".

[I was confused by your coverage metrics, something I never understood and
likely will never understand.]

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