[Bug 1636] Refactor Rate Monotonic Manager into a generic Periodic Manager

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Thu Aug 12 14:39:40 CDT 2010


--- Comment #13 from Gedare <giddyup44 at yahoo.com> 2010-08-12 14:39:39 CDT ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> Comments below
> + Patch is out of date for score/Makefile.am.  No big deal.  I fixed that.
> + missing } for C++ in rtems/.../periodic.h

> + no user documentation.  But not important see next.
The rate monotonic documentation is still correct. I can copy-paste it for the
periodic manager if/when we accept the design of the periodic manager.

> + If I am right, I think you rename rate_monotonic_period_XXX
> to rate_periodic_XXX and I can't accept that part of the patch. This
> would break API compatibility and although it can be argued that
> the rate monotonic name obscures the fundamental nature of the periodic
> blocking service being implemented, it is really the theoretical reason
> this manager exists.  So can your periodicXXX be moved to ratemonXXX and
> fixed?
Please see other posts.

> + You can't have objects with Ids in the score.  They all have to take
> pointers.  You combine score handlers with object control structure to
> create API level objects.  So this periodic thing in the core needs to
> change to more of a support service.  I think it is close.  I suspect 
> you just need to remove the Object_Control field from the structure
> and add it at the ratemon level.  You never really used the id anyway
> as best I can tell.
I need help with this. :)  Some of the routines still use the Object_Id, so I
think that I need to create an object at the API layer, probably with an
Periodic_Manager_initialization just in the rtems/src/periodic.c.  Then I need
some kind of structure that embeds both an Object_Control and a
Periodic_Control?  Something similar to the old Rate_montonic_Control.  This
will allow for the API to use/pass the Objects_ID. The periodic manager uses
the Object Id because it goes through the watchdog timer.

> + I think most of the style issues mentioned in the modular scheduler
> PR apply here.
I think I corrected these.

> I really like the idea of adding a "periodic blocking service" to the 
> score.  But use it to simplify ratemon_xxx and don't rename the current
> API.
I'm willing to revert to the original naming, but see other posts on this.

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