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RUNNER variable

On 03/29/2011 02:58 AM, Domenico Di Leo wrote:
> I'm trying to use RTEMS do_coverage script for pc386 architecture.
> Please can you check if in your rtems-testing/bin folder there is a file
> called pc386. It should be there after executing make in rtems-testing
> folder.
There is.

[joel at iceland rtems-testing]$ ls bin
ant5206                     csb350            ezkit533-skyeye      
leon2-skyeye-gdb  pc386                  rtems-gdb-macros-4.9
ant5206-gdb                 csb350-gdb        ezkit533-skyeye-gdb  
leon3             prepend                rtl22xx
avrtest                     csb360            gdbarmsim            
leon3-gdb         psim                   rtl22xx-gdb
bf537Stamp                  csb360-gdb        gdbarmsim-gdb        
lm32_evr          psim-gdb               simsh
bf537Stamp-gdb              cvscommit         gumstix              
lm32_evr-gdb      qemu-dump-trace        simsh-gdb
bf537Stamp-skyeye           do_coverity       gumstix-gdb          
m32csim           qemu-gumstix           sis
bf537Stamp-skyeye-gdb       do_mail_coverity  h8sim                
m32csim-gdb       qemu-leon2             sis-gdb
check_bsp                   edb7312           h8sim-gdb            
m32rsim           qemu-lm32_evr          smdk2410
check_endof                 edb7312-gdb       jmr3904              
m32rsim-gdb       qemuppc                smdk2410-gdb
commit-with-changelog-diff  erc32             jmr3904-gdb          
mkChangeLogList   rtems-gdb-macros-4.10  trace-converter
covoar                      erc32-gdb         leon2                
mkExplanation     rtems-gdb-macros-4.11  uC5282
csb337                      ezkit533          leon2-gdb            
mktest            rtems-gdb-macros-4.7   usleep
csb337-gdb                  ezkit533-gdb      leon2-skyeye         
nosim             rtems-gdb-macros-4.8

> Thank you in advance

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