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Which flavor of Linux for RTEMS S/W developemnt ( was Re: MVME5500 Tester Needed for 4.10)

> Ralf Corsepius wrote :
>> * No rtems-4.11 => unsuitable for development.
> Gedare Bloom wrote:
>> 2) Any other distro can suffice for released RTEMS versions,
>> assuming you can build the RTEMS tools.
> Can you clarify what "unsuitable" mean, please ? ?Does that mean it is
> impossible
> to build RTEMS-4.11 tools and source on Debian or Ubutun 10.04 ? Does
> RTEMS-4.11 require a higher version of ?Ubutu ? I know that it
> is impossible to build RTEMS-4-9 on RHEL4 due to S/W incompatibility. Ralf
> posted
> the technical reason a long while ago. ?Please note that I am not talking
> about
> "support".
> Regards,
> Kate

Lets make this simpler.
  - I assume you wanna develop for RTEMS and not RTEMS itselft, so
RTEMS-4.10 will be your best choice
  - If you want to use the prebuilt "official" toolchain you will need
Fedora, Open SUSE, CentOS or RHEL. You can see the supported      OS
versions here: http://www.rtems.org/ftp/pub/rtems/linux/4.10/
  - You can use Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian but you must build the tools
from scratch or convert the prebuilt RPM's to .DEB (there is a
tutorial on the wiki for this).
  - It's better if you use a recent version of these operating system,
because the RTEMS toolset will support these recent versions longer.
If you use an older operating system, even if supported now, you can
have trouble when you migrate to RTEMS-4.11 or 4.1x

Cl?udio Silva