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New Fedora 14 VM Images with RTEMS Development Environment

> > They're quite friendly towards hardware/embedded development, see
> > http://spins.fedoraproject.org/fel/
> > and in particular slide 9 of:
> > http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/papers/fel-flyer-f12.pdf
> Do you think this project is still alive and prospering?

Well, this project indeed lacks some steam and I see two reasons for
1. Open source hardware development, which FEL indeed has some focus on,
is an ungrateful task. While the (heavily) proprietary hardware industry
blossoms, no open source hardware project has ever been successful so
far - except maybe trivial things like Arduino, and still, the number of
Arduinos sold is some two orders of magnitude behind, say, iPad sales.
Most OSH projects, including mine, are currently plagued with various
combinations of technical issues, lack of general interest, lack of
funds and mismanagement.
2. Chitlesh, the FEL leader, has a job at a big semiconductor company
and he's a lot into it, which leaves little time for voluntary
FEL-related tasks, especially if those can be rather unpleasant at

That being said, I think the FEL people are well meaning and I cannot
see why they would refuse proper RTEMS development packages. I can
probably successfully ping them about this, but perhaps there are still
some technical issues that need to be addressed beforehand (for example,
the packages install everything in /opt which I believe to be against
Fedora policies, but I might be wrong).