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NFS timeouts without optimization

I'm putting together an embedded web server on an MPC55xxevb (MPC5554 Phytec) system.  After I got the basics working I put the HTTP on NFS for ease of development.  I started getting NFS timeouts whenever a browser tried to load the RTEMS .jpg file:

[/] # mongoose document_root /data/http listening_ports 80 stacksize 0xc000
Loading filesystem image...
Mongoose 3.0 started on port(s) [80], serving directory [/data/http]
[/] # NFS (proc 6) - RPC: Timed out
[/] # ls -l data/http/rtems_logo.jpg
-rw-rw-r--  1 500  500  14586 Mar  6  2011 data/http/rtems_logo.jpg
[/] # 

On a hunch I rebuilt with -O2 back on (I'd turned it off a while ago for debugging) and now it works fine.

This isn't a bug report, obviously, it's a "has anyone else seen this?" question.  The ethernet driver is one I brought up, the smc91111, which I think had previously only been used on Sparc.  I'm going to ignore the issue today unless it comes back with the optimization on.

Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.      Software and System Engineering