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Compiling RTEMS 4.9.5 on Cygwin, needed to remove -Werror

Hi to all,

Just to report something I've seen: while compiling gdb for RTEMS 4.9.5 on 
Cygwin (latest version 1.7.x) I had this error (it was for arm target but I 
had the same problem for other targets):

gcc -c -g -O2   -I. -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/config -DLOCALEDIR="\"/cygdrive/p/Antoine/tools/armtools/share/locale\"" 
 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/../include/opcode -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/../readline/.. 
 -I../bfd -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/../bfd -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/../include -I../libdecnumber 
 -I../../gdb-6.8/gdb/../libdecnumber   -DMI_OUT=1 -DTUI=1  -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement 
 -Wpointer-arith -Wformat-nonliteral -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-unused -Wno-switch 
 -Wno-char-subscripts -Werror ../../gdb-6.8/gdb/remote-fileio.c
cc1: warnings being treated as errors
../../gdb-6.8/gdb/remote-fileio.c: In function 'remote_fileio_func_rename':
../../gdb-6.8/gdb/remote-fileio.c:1007: error: 
'cygwin_conv_to_full_posix_path' is deprecated (declared at 
../../gdb-6.8/gdb/remote-fileio.c:1008: error: 
'cygwin_conv_to_full_posix_path' is deprecated (declared at 
make[2]: *** [remote-fileio.o] Error 1

I confirm that the cygwin.h line above announces in its comments that this 
is a deprecated primitive.
Just removing -Werror option in the Makefile (in gdb directory) solves the 
problem and the compilation goes till the end.