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MPC5634M starting point

On 12/30/2011 02:38 PM, Andrei Chichak wrote:
> Hey all,
> A while back I got a hand from Chris to get started with the MC68332, 
> then Eric Norum helped me get a BSP going for the Axiom CML5282, again 
> 68K based.
> Now I am getting going on one of Freescale's MPC5634M StarterTRAK dev 
> board. It uses a PPC with hardware floating point.
> I am currently using RTEMS 4.9.4 on a windows VM using MINGW/MSYS. I 
> didn't move up to 4.10 yet, since it wasn't stable when I was working 
> on that project.
> To get the basics going I used:
> cd powerpc
> ../rtems-4.9.4/configure --target=powerpc-rtems4.9 \
> --disable-itron \
> --enable-posix \
> --enable-rtemsbsp='mpc55xx' \
> --enable-networking \
> --disable-tests \
> --prefix /c/opt/src/rtems/powerpc
I am still off for the holidays but I am betting that you configured for
the "generic name" for the BSP family.  You will need to configure for
a specific BSP variant.  The BSP variants for this BSP family on the head


I don't know the specifics of the individual boards but can almost guarantee
that you will be adding a new variant.

make all install
> since I figured that a 55xx would be within a million miles. This is 
> basically the same command that I use to set up for the m68k based 
> BSPs (with appropriate changes of parameters of course).
> For some odd reason it looks like the 55xx BSP wasn't installed 
> properly, since it didn't compile the libraries for a couple of hours.
The build system didn't notice that you configured an unavailable BSP. That
should have been an error but wasn't.

Then it took the fact that there were no BSPs in the list of valid ones to
configure to indicate that all PowerPC BSPs should be built.
> It also looks like the distribution has the mpc55xx BSP and 
> mpc55xxevb, but it looks like portions are missing.
> Is there someone using either the 5632M or a 55xx that can suggest a 
> better config command to get started?

and then start to add your own variant.
> Sorry that I'm not as concise and complete as you might hope, my first 
> language isn't German :-)
> Andrei