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sw interrups on i386 platform


I am testing rtems semaphores on platform nios2 and i386 (with qemu), - but I have problems when I tries to simulate interrupts on the i386 platform. I would have expected support for all i386 hw and sw interrups, - but the bsp only supports the 16 hw interrupts. Then I thought that I might use IRQ10 which is free in our platform, and invoke the interrupt from sw by issuing the command

__asm__ __volatile__ ( "int $0x72" )

I use RTEMS Interrupt Manager Extension for common interface on nios2 and i386, and installs my interrupt function by calling the rtems_interrupt_handler_install  function. Then for test purpose I want to activate my installed interrupt function by simulate the IRQ10 by executing the assembler instruction "int 0x72". But all I get is an exception "default_raw_idt_handler".

Do anyone have an idea to what I can do?

Best regards
Lotte Halkj?r
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