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BSP for Coldfire MCF52259

I have an interest in the 5225x products as well.  I have too many other demands, though, so will probably not be an active contributor until things stabilise a bit (both here and in 5225x-RTEMS land.)

Donald H Locker, Sr. Software Engineer
Solidica, Inc.
1194 Oak Valley Dr, Suite 80
Ann Arbor, MI  48108

email: donald.locker at solidica.com
vox: 734 222 4680 x132
fax: 734 222 4681

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> Subject: BSP for Coldfire MCF52259
> Hi,
> I was just wondering if anyone has been doing any work on a BSP for the
> Coldfire MCF52259.  If not then I will look to add one.  I like the
> look
> of this Coldfire, having 512K Flash and 64K RAM and the ability to add
> extra RAM etc. via its mini flex bus.  Am looking to move to it after
> having used the MCF52235 and been a bit limited by its amount of
> internal
> RAM.
> Regards,
> Leon
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