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Videos from FSW-10


we wrapped up the 2010 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software. It was a good
workshop with attendees from around the world (Thales Alenia Space, ESA,
INVAP, INPE were represented).

Some of the spacecraft topics were very RTEMS centric, notably LISA
Pathfinder, Joel's RTEMS talk, Marc Blanchet's DTN implementation (which
runs on RTEMS), and some of the ESA talks ...

There is also a video of the Flight Software Roundtable featuring Vint Cerf,
Joel Sherrill and European (ESA) and US (NASA and Aerospace Corp.) panel
members ... 

I think the presentations will go up on the site in the coming weeks, but
the VIDEOS of all the talks and the roundtable are there!

Go to: http://www.flightsoftware.org to see the videos ...

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