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Various software sizes calculation

Hello Leonard,

I will try to answer your questions below


RTEMS Stack Size:

            The tasks are the only users of the stack. While creating the
task , we pass the stack size. Hence the stack size will be the addition of
this attribute which is passed while creating the tasks.


            rtems_status_code rtems_task_create(rtems_name
name,rtems_task_priority initial_priority,rtems_unsigned32
stack_size,rtems_mode initial_modes,rtems_attribute attribute_set,rtems_id


Total Variables size:

            Hope the below helps






DOUBLE           8



Static data structure size:

            This is the addition of the sizes of the various elements in the
data structure. But be careful. Unless you give a "packed" attribute to the
structure, the compiler will round off the size to the data bus size of the
processor in use. Eg: if you are using  a 32 bit processor, then the size of
the structure will be rounded off to the nearest 4 byte boundary.


Application code size:

RTEMS code size:

            The map file should give you an answer to this. 


The .data segment contains the global variables. That's true.

The .text segment contains the code and also the values of all the
initialized data in the code, along with the RTEMS code. 


Hope the above helps







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Hello all, 

The questions I have will probably seem quite trivial for most of you guys
but I'm a novice in this domain so I'd like some help. 

I'm using the RTEMS OS with a LEON2 processor and I need to find out the
following sizes for the project : 

*	RTEMS Stack Size 
*	Total Variables Size 
*	Static Data Structure Size 
*	Application Code Size 
*	RTEMS Code Size

I made some research but could not really find out how to find these number,
all I know at the moment is that the .data segment of my program is 32'016
bytes, as I understand this the .data segment countain the global variables,
is that correct? And .text is 221'760 bytes, that's the total code of my
application so that'd be RTEMS + My Code, correct? But how can I find out
the size of RTEMS and the other sizes in my list? 

I hope someone can help me. 



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