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Help needed for Blackfin eZKit533 BSP

> Do you know for sure that the CVS head version of the bf537stamp works for 
> your board? I guess you do because you wrote it.


> I am considering porting the bf537stamp BSP back to the 533. Do you think 
> that could be done in a reasonable amount of time? From what I have seen in 
> the code, there should not be too much differences left when BFIN_ON_SKYEYE 
> is set, as this already disables the 2nd UART and GPIO. And of couse, when 
> building without network support, the bf537 network specific stuff should 
> not be an issue.

That port should be fairly straightforward.  However, the ezkit533 bsp was
already converted to use a lot of the code from the bf537stamp (and I'm
guessing that some problem was introduced in that conversion).  I'm just
not sure doing a fresh port will be any easier than debugging what's
already there.  Of course if a new port just comes right up then that
might be easier, but if it doesn't then the debugging task will probably
be equivalent either way.


Allan N. Hessenflow      allanh at kallisti.com