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4.10 Approaching

On 10/02/2009 03:58 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Chris Johns wrote:
>> Till Straumann wrote:
>>> I actually would really recommend the HAVE_BLKSIZE patch - which
>>> BTW has been recommended for a looong time; see e.g.,
>>> libfs/src/nfsclient/README. It greatly improves stdio on any blocked 
>>> filsystem.
>>> msdosfs and NFS already do provide the necessary blocksize information.
>>> IMFS currently sets the blocksize to 0 for directories. zero is also
>>> the default if a filesystem does not set/provide a blocksize.
>>> newlib stdio correctly handles the case of a zero blocksize but
>>> some 'fseek()' performance gain could be achieved by using
>>> BUFSIZ/1024 in these cases.
>>> I can't really see *anything* controversial in this case.
>> I have just looked in my local copy of newlib-1.17.0 and 
>> ChangeLog.rtems has:
>> 2009-02-24      Ralf Cors??pius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org>
>>          * libc/unix/ttyname.c: Sync with newlib-cvs.
>>          * configure.host: Add -DHAVE_BLKSIZE to newlib_cflags.
This is the version in current RTEMS newlib-1.17.0-rtems4.10 patch.

>> Is this change already in newlib ?
Well, may-be - I don't recall the origin of this change. We have it 
rtems-4.10 for quite a while, but I don't recall the motivation to add 
it. It could have been a side-effect of Kate Feng have submitted her 
(Kate is famale?) patch (The list's archive refers to 2009-02-23), it 
could have been a spin off of it, I don't recall.

>> I cannot remember if I applied any of Ralf's patches to this or if 
>> they are clean. I seem to remember them being clean.
> Looks like it.  My newlib cvs has this:
> 2009-09-22  Ralf Cors?pius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org>
>        * configure.host (*-rtems*): Remove -DMISSING_SYSCALL_NAMES.
And this is the version I recently (probably 2009-09-22) I submitted 
upstream newlib.

It addresses much more than BLKSIZE, but actually is a major cleanup of 
RTEMS having tried to use newlib's posix/ and having gotten it wrong ;)