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Help needed for Blackfin eZKit533 BSP


> So you might want to try CVS head, if you have the time to test that.
I did that. As 4.9.2, I couldn't get it to run. All sections get loaded 
(with section ".init" in start.S) but the program hangs somewhere at 
adresses outside the code. I'm not expert enough to figure that out.

> For what its worth, I use the bf537Stamp BSP, and load the executable
> using u-boot.
Just because I was curious, I flashed uboot onto my bf533 ezkit. It has no 
network, so I had to load my elf-files via serial line.
The results are the same as for JTAG:
4.8.x: works "out of the box" (start.S edited)
4.9.2: hangs (start.S edited or not doesn't matter)
4.10-cvs as of 30.09. same as 4.9.2