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warning flags was Re: rename issue

Chris Johns wrote:
> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>> But we need to decide if these are desirable warnings.
>> BSP specific warning flags are non-sense, IMHO. We need to address the 
>> causes/origins of the warnings and not play with symptoms.
> I agree. I think these warnings are important and we need to address them. I 
> have started to looking and have found some issues that need to be addressed.
I have found a number of places where there were real type
mistakes looking at these warnings.  For example, tests
often assign the return value of sleep() to "status" which is
usually an int. sleep() returns an unsigned int.

IMO BSPs should not add specific warnings but we can't
just delete these -- we need to decide if they become part
of the standard set.

> Regards
> Chris