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rename issue

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Looks like we are heading for a new spin of the 4.10 tools
> soon.
Yep, .... I am going to address these issues sequentially.
>   + drop - DMISSING_SYSCALL_NAMES from configure.host
Having cross-checked your proposal, I leaned to agree with your proposal 
and am about to launch a toolchain spin.

Please test this toolchain! Though this patch is a one-liner, this step 
is quite intrusive, and is not unlikely to have (so far) unconsidered 

>   + ALIGN issue not being 8 on SPARC
Patch? I believe to recall having read an email on this issue, but am 
not sure about this nor can I find it anymore.

>   + inttypes.h warning
WIP on my part, but no patch available so far.