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Neil Mayes wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get RTEMS4.8 working with an erc32 but I can't get the
> hello work working(newbie to RTEMS & Linux).
> I have built the tools+rtems and proceeded to 'play' with the hello
> world example. I am unable to get hello world working and indeed unable
> to go from start.S into C world. I have checked I am proceeding through
> the initialisation startup however the call to BOOT_CARD does not run
> correctly and probably results in a trap (still looking). I have checked
> the HW config, which matches the actual HW I have but however I am
> unable to run the application.
Which version of RTEMS?  How are you trying to run it?

The erc32 BSP will not run on sis.  You have to build for the
sis BSP.  The erc32 BSP will only run on tsim-erc32 and real
> Any pointers ideas gratefully received.
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