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More build oddities

On 7-Apr-08, at 8:19 PM, Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 16:32 +1000, Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>> Nigel Spon wrote:
>>>> I'm trying to use scripts to build RTEMS under MacOS X, but I'm  
>>>> having
>>>> persistent difficulties with the PATH variable. I may be being  
>>>> over-
>>>> optimistic, but I thought I could avoid the nasty detail of  
>>>> having to
>>>> put the path to the RTEMS tools into my global .tcshrc file, by
>>>> invoking make from a script, like this:
>>> I originally had trouble with OSX, however, there is a tutorial  
>>> (2 years
>>> old) that worked for OSX
>>> http://thesis.smartcontroller.com.au/rtems/ 
>>> RTEMSForSmartController.html
>>> In teh tutu is says
>>> On Mac OS X (Darwin) you'll have to use the command:
>>> make -w "CC=cc -no-cpp-precomp" all install
>>> Let me know how you go
>> Pardon, but what you write above would indicate that OSX's gcc  
>> would be
>> completely bugged.
>> Ralf
> That may very well be true - I don't know because that is not my  
> area of
> expertise. I was unable to make OSX work until Eric Norum showed me  
> that.

I regularly build rtems and its toolchain from source on OS X.

No special treatment... never had a problem.

-- dc