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What is "no" application? nm?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> Ooops... Just now I noticed that I use the so called 4.9 tool chain. Is this 
>> incorrect and may be harmful?
> Difficult to answer.
> * rtems4.9 and the rtems4.8 toolchains' binutils are more or less
> identical
> * rtems4.9-gcc is at gcc-4.3.0, while rtems4.8-gcc is at gcc-4.2.x.
> * rtems4.9-newlib is newlib-1.16.0, rtems4.8-newlib is newlib-1.15.0.
IIRC gcc 4.3 is more aggressive in optimization wrt. memory barriers and
such. I'd suggest using gcc 4.2 to be on the safe side.

About the "no" application: With a probability of 90% this is the result
of autoconf not finding a program which it thinks is not required. In
that case, the program name may end up being the result from

checking for nm ... no

You might want to check your config.log and config.status files.

Greetings, Torsten

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