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RTEMS JTAG debugging with ColdFire MCF54xx via Ronetix

Evgeny Belyanko wrote:
> Is it any idea, how Ronetix JTAG works with RTEMS tool chain?
> Hardware platform is MCF54(7|8)x.
> http://www.ronetix.at/peedi.html

The RTEMS provided GDB supports the standard remote protocol. RTEMS uses the 
standard FSF source base and the rtems-4.9 version of GDB also supports the 
expat XML library which is required by some remote stubs. In other words RTEMS 
support the standard GDB remote protocol.

The user manual supports gdb via the remote protocol. You will have to contact 
the supplier to handle the specifics of using the device.

If you use the device and have any specific detail that would help other RTEMS 
users a Wiki page if often a good idea.