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CSB337 Network Ethernet Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00


I'm using the csb337 bsp for networking. I've configured the networkconfig.h
file to set my ethernet address correctly but when I use the netdemo example
to print interface statistics The Ethernet Address is set to 0.
************ INTERFACE STATISTICS ************
***** eth0 *****
Ethernet Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00
Address:   Broadcast Address:   Net mask:

Flags: Up Broadcast Running
Send queue limit:50   length:0    Dropped:0
 Total Interrupts:0           Rx Interrupts:0                   Giant:0
          Bad CRC:0               Collision:0                  Missed:0
    Tx Interrupts:0                  Deferred:0               Lost Carrier:0

Single Collisions:0       Multiple Collisions:0       Excessive Collisions:0

 Total Collisions:0            Late Collision:0                   Underrun:0

  Raw output wait:0

Do you have any idea of it ?

Think you 

Joel R.